Why Buy Silicone Sponges?

Why Buy Silicone Sponges?

Why use a Silicone sponge?

Hi everyone. I'm Dan and I'm the founder of the award-winning KitchTool. Why use a Silicone sponge? Well, firstly, it's great for the environment.

We want to do everything we can to help you reduce your environmental waste and your everyday consumables that you are using all of the time, using once throwing in the bin or are short-lasting, the silicone sponge is a great alternative to that because it allows you to keep using it, wash it and reuse it again without creating any further waste.


52 sponges a year is a lot of waste!

So, what can you do? You could just buy more of them and change it every week but that equates to on average 52 sponges a year, which is a lot of waste! If you’re like me, you want to make better choices to help reduce your consumable costs whilst helping the environment.

With a silicone sponge, you've got the ability that it's durable, it's long-lasting, and it's got many, many uses whether you want to use the three in one for instance, which has got the nylon scraper, the squeegee, the soap dispenser, and the short and long bristles.

It can be used for so many different things other than a standard foam sponge. The other benefit of silicone sponges is that it doesn't cause damage, when your clean your pots and pans, your windows, your kitchen sides, or anything around the home, then it doesn't cause damage

Take the nylon scraper, for instance, you can use it to scrape off the grim around the shower tray or on the bottom of your pots and pans and, you get no damage from it.

Finally, it's cost-saving. Rather than having those repeated costs of everyday consumables, from sponges to scrapers, to plastic cleaning products, you've got this all in one.

You don't need to keep replacing it, you don't need to keep buying consumables and overall we're reducing the environmental waste that we're creating.


Silicone Sponge:

The silicone material is the perfect solution. Silicone is more environmentally friendly than plastic and isn’t just for gasket applications, sponge sheeting, acrylic adhesives etc. Its main content is made from silica, which is derived from sand, and manufacturing silicone does not involve mining for crude oil, which most plastics are made from.

Silicone scrubbers have a variety of applications, are longer lasting and more versatile than other products on the market.

Silicone sponges are non-porous, like Kuhn Rikon or Sur La Table third party Silicone Sponge. That means there’s less space for bacteria to hide but can be made into the perfect shape for good grip. Plus, silicone sponges are easy to clean, and silicone is very durable.kitchtool-silicone-sponge-set

Are there any downsides? well, my honest opinion is no, but I’m biased. However, due to silicone being non-porous the dishwashing liquid foams externally rather than inside the sponge. Some people find the low compression set's work in soapy water just as good!

A silicone sponge has lots of alternative uses, from being used in the shower as an alternative use to a loofah, for cleaning makeup brushes, and cleaning pet hair and is great for outdoor cooking and cleaning.

By far, the best silicone sponges you can buy online!

KitchTool is the Award-Winning Kitchen & Cleaning Company of the Year 2022. Their Trusty Trio of Silicone Sponges are an Amazon Choice favourite and was named No.1 Dish Sponge in April.

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

You don’t just get one, but three in a pack. You’ll be sure to find silicone scrubber sponges that meet a variety of applications. The Trusty Trio of Silicone Sponges offers an antibacterial and antimicrobial alternative. Whether you need longer bristles, soft bristles, or short bristles – these sponges reach places with ease whilst having the added benefit of a hard Nylon scraper to tackle those tough stuck-on stains, without damaging your pans.

To clean, simply wash them with hot water or place them in the dishwasher. No need for harmful chemicals. The silicone scrubber sponges will easily be free from bacteria and mildew.


KitchTool is always developing new products and is soon to be announcing a new product line to its Kitchen and Cleaning range of products. We are more than a little bit excited! Whether it’s a Father’s or Mother’s Day gifts, or you just want to take advantage of the Amazon Prime next day delivery, KitchTool have the solution!

Don’t take my words for it, the online reviews speak for themselves and we pride ourselves on our high-level customer service.

So make the change today, get yourself a silicone sponge, and head over to our website shop above or at www.kitchtool.uk/shop where you can see videos about our products and read testimonials from some of our customers to see what they say.


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