Our Story

Welcome to KitchTool, a brand for innovation, quality, and sustainability to transform your kitchen and cleaning experiences. Your arrival here fills us with delight and we hope you enjoy our product range.

Cut through the clutter of eco-choices and feel good doing it with KitchTool™, where sustainability meets affordability for a cleaner, greener and feel good home.

At the core of our devotion lies an unquenchable passion for redefining the art of cleaning, and yes, we may be a little "sponge mad." Our inspiration was sparked by our visionary founder, Dan, who hated the conventional foam sponge, brimming with germs and aware of the chemicals and waste going into landfill by each on used. Driven by perfection and creativity, an obsession was born – an obsession that led us to create the ultimate solution - KitchTool!


In our quest, we refused to settle for mediocrity. We sought an alternative – an eco-friendly alternative that not only mitigates the growth of bacteria but also stands eliminates that disposable cycle. 

Dan, a dedicated Paramedic within the NHS, was aware of cross-infection. Astonishingly, the foam sponge in our kitchen holds more contamination than a toilet seat. 

From our Trusty Trio of Silicone Sponges we now have a wide range of sustainable alternatives to our Oven Liners, Scented Woolies and Essential Oil Blends. 

Our endeavour's haven't gone unnoticed from our satisfied customers and endorsements on Instagram from esteemed cleaning influencers. We our product of our and our customers  achievements saving over 7 tons of harmful plastics from going into landfill, planting over 200 trees and proudly holding the WINNER tittle at the Prestige Awards  2022 & 2023 for KITCHEN & CLEANING PRODUCT COMPANY OF THE YEAR.

Beyond accolades, our vision drives us daily. We envision a world where cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives seamlessly replace the everyday consumables that prevent waste. 

Through our amazing brand, we strive to lighten this load for customer and the environment, making life easier, more sustainable and cost effective. 

As you explore our site and range of products, we invite you to join us on our journey in collective small steps that have wider impacts. If you have any questions, or simply wish to connect, our doors are always open.

With warm regards,

Dan and the KitchTool Team