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KitchTool Uni Scrubber | Antibacterial, Multi-purpose Scrubber

KitchTool Uni Scrubber | Antibacterial, Multi-purpose Scrubber

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✅ OUDER, MILDEW & MOULD FREE: Get rid of the mildew smell in your kitchen with these easy-to-clean, mold-resistant sponges. FDA Approved, 100% silicone.

✅ FLEXIBLE, VERSATILE & MULTI-FUNCTIONING: Unique shape to aid in cleaning difficult pots, pans, glasses, cups, sinks, bathrooms and more.

✅ ANTI SCRATCH & PAN FRIENDLY: Scrub your pots and pans with the reassurance that you won't damage the surface.

FREE E-book on sponge features & usage.

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