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Whole Home Fragrance Bundle

Whole Home Fragrance Bundle

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The Whole Home Fragrance Bundle is the perfect pack to make your whole home smell fresh and inviting. Imagine coming home and having a fragrant smell as you walk through each room without the need for artificial fragrances and chemicals. Safe, long-lasting, chemical-free and you control the scent strength.  

Included you get everything to transform your home :

✅ 4 x Looped Scented Woolies

✅ 3 x Pack of 2 Scented Woolieswith 1.6ml Citrus Mint Essential Oil Fragrance (Total 6 Woolies)

✅ 2 x 5ml Room Scents Refills (Choice of below Scent) to keep the Scented Woolies topped up. Long-lasting scents and enough essential oil to last you 2 months+. You choose how subtle or strong you want the fragrance. 

A total of 10 x Woolies and 19ml of Essential Oil. Additional Wollies and oil can be purchased.  

Bought Separately RRP: £17.35 - Discount Bundle Price Only: £14.99


+ FREE Uni Scrubber  (Worth £3.99)
+ FREE Grease Grabber Cloth (Worth £2.85)

Long-lasting sustainable alternatives that reduce the long-term cost of car cleaning products and fragrances whilst removing harmful chemicals and saving you £££. 

Benefits to the bundle:

  • Transform the home with one pack and then minimal maintenance costs every couple of months (or monthly for stringer fragrances - e.g. 1 x 5ml Bottle of Refil = £2.85 subscription)
  • Reduced price with loads of value saving you time and money in the long term 
  • No harsh chemicals from artificial fragrances 
  • Better for the environment with no plastic and less waste (all packaging compostable and/or recyclable)
  • Reputable UK company with products built by customers.

Optional refill Subscription to save you time, hassle and money on keeping the car smelling fresh. 

Scented Woolies and Citrus Mint Essential Oil Blend
Please read the safety information before use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wollies pose a choking hazard. Peppermint essential oil is not considered safe for dogs and can have toxic effects. Lemongrass oil is generally considered safe for dogs, but as this is a blend it is not considered safe for dogs. Do not ingest. Some scents can be harmful to animals. Do not allow direct contact with the skin. Keep away from eyes. Wash thoroughly if in contact with the skin under running water. Seek medical advice if required. Do not store in direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry and dark place in the bottle provided.

Safety Data Sheets:


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